Saturday, February 4, 2012


Time for a tune or in this case a mash of tunes to carry us through the weekend. Now we all know Mike Skinner can sing and write lyrics in his bedroom, but I for one never had him down as mix artist but it's not actually that surprising really. Skinner effortlessly moves from the expected garage and house beats before dropping some tunes from Joy Orbison and Joker. I personally wouldn't say he's picked the greatest tunes about but this is definitely a decent mix to have on in your automobile and it's got Al Stewart's, 'Year of the Cat' in there somewhere which is a well repeated tune in the shed.

The full write up for the mix including a track list can be found on the pretty impressive Fact Magazine website which has a huge archive of mixes you can download, well worth taking a look at....just remember to come back here as well ;)

Mix 304 - Mike Skinner (check about halfway down)


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